Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I have no vegetables to hand today.. so..

1 conference pear
2 gala apples
slice raw ginger
1 passion fruit (seeds)
1tbsp goats yogurt
tbsp hemp protein
serves two

>Apples have been found to help prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells thanks to Quercetin, which is a type of flavonoid in the apples.

Phytonutrients which are found in the skin of the apple have be found to slow the pace of colon cancer.

Energy You can get quick and natural source of energy from pear juice, due largely to its high amounts of fructose and glucose.

Throat problem: The pears are in season during the summer for a reason. Drinking pear juice every morning and night helps to cool your body down during this time. It nourishes the throat and helps prevent throat problems.

Passion fruit juice and in particular, the edible seeds, are considered an excellent source of dietary fiber. On average, passion fruit contain about 10-16% dietary fiber

Ginger supports a healthy cardiovascular system by making platelets less sticky which in turn reduces circulatory problems.

Hemp protein is high in essential fatty acids, with around 80 percent of its total oil volume being made up of healthy Omega-3, -6 and -9 fats

In addition, hemp is less likely than soy to cause allergic reactions, making it an excellent option for those with soy allergies.

Allergy to cow's milk has been found in many people with conditions such as recurrent ear infections, asthma, eczema, and even rheumatoid arthritis. Replacing cow's milk with goat's milk may help to reduce some of the symptoms of these conditions

Goat’s milk yogurt has more vitamin A, vitamin B1, riboflavin, and calcium than cow’s milk yogurt

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