Thursday, 2 December 2010


essential oils, fats in the avocado, natural sugars in the apple, carrot, spinach, natural protein in hemp, metal clearing in bentonite clay, every nutrient on earth in the barley grass, a wee kick in the ginger, and a host of vitamins, mineral, anti oxidants, energy, in the cabbage, asparagus,courgette, cucumber,broccoli to keep you healthy, glowing and happy!

in the juicer
1 apple
1 asparagus stalk
2 mini carrots with stalks
handful spinach
chunk courgette
chunk cucumber
1 purple sprouting broccoli with stalk
2 heads green cabbage
knob of ginger
in the blender
1/2 avocado
1tsp hemp protein
1tsp bentonite clay
1tsp barley grass

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