Monday, 15 November 2010



this evening i went all purple crazy and created a dish with colour a plenty.. it was fun to make and even better to consume..

purple haddock chowder

haddock, smoked haddock ,purple sweet potato, leek, celery, apple, pear, purple broccoli, green beans, aubergine, parsley, spinach, kale, carrot, nutmeg, asparagus.

peel all the veg and wash , dice,  then place into a crock pot or similar add water season, place on hob for around 50 mins
cut haddock into strips and place in the crock
let the whole thing cook for a further 30 mins.
serve...and devour

chocolate semolina with stewed apple, pear and blueberries topped with yogurt.

2 apples, 2 pears, cored and peeled add to pan with water.
1tsp brown sugar or agave syrup
1tsp cinnamon
bring to boil 

in  a separate pan add 50 ml of semolina,500ml milk, 1tbsp raw cacao powder, 1tsp vanilla essence stirring gently till thick.
pour semolina, top with fruit, yogurt to finish

A walloping good meal..

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