Tuesday, 19 October 2010


the darkest juice i have produced to date.. dark green vegetables and of course Mr Beet.. makes this the perfect healthy heart juice..so what are you waiting for.. feed your body.. wallop!!

in the juicer
1 raw beetroot
1 apple
2 stems chard
2 stems curly kale
2 sticks celery
2 stems spinach
4 stems purple sprouting broccoli
handful parsley
slice fennel
chunk cucumber
chunk courgette
serves 1

beetroot: containing the powerful antioxidant betacyanin, which gives beetroot its deep red hue, this vegetable purifies the blood and has anti-carcinogenic properties. Research shows it boosts the body’s natural defenses in the liver, regenerating immune cells. Also contains silica, vital for healthy skin, fingernails, ligaments, tendons and bones.
Beet is believed to be native of the Mediterranean region of Europe and probably Western Asia. It has been used as a vegetable for the last 2000 years, even by early Greeks and Romans. It was so appreciated by ancients that it was offered on silver to Apollo in his temple at Delphi.
Beetroot contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, iron, copper, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C

The apple is a highly nutritive food. It contains minerals and vitamins in abundance. The food value of the apple is chiefly constituted by its contents of sugar which ranges from 9 to 51 per cent. Of this, fruit sugar constitutes 60 per cent and glucose 25 pet cent and cane sugar only 15 per cent.
Apples are useful in kidney stones
Raw apples are good for constipation.are of special value to heart patients. They are rich in potassium and phosphorus but low in sodium. It is also useful for patients of high blood pressure.
Apple is also said to be beneficial to gout patients caused by increase of uric acid in blood.
Tooth-decay can be prevented by regular consumption of apples as they possess a mouth cleansing property.
The apple is the best fruit to tone up a weak and run-down patient. It removes deficiencies of vital organs and makes the body stout and strong. It tones up the body and the brain as it contains more phosphorus and iron than any other fruit or vegetable.

Swiss chard is packed with nutrition.  It is an excellent source of vitamins C, E, and K, carotenes, chlorophyll, and fiber.  It is also an excellent source of several minerals including potassium,magnesium, iron, and manganese.  Swiss chard is also a good source of many other nutrients including vitamin B6, protein, calcium, thiamine, selenium, zinc, niacin, and folic acid.  
Swiss chard is one of the most powerful anti-cancer foods to its combination of traditional nutrients; phytochemicals, chlorophyll, other plant pigments, and soluble fiber. The generous amount of vitamin K that is contained in Swiss chard, is especially beneficial in the maintenance of bone health.

Kale's risk-lowering benefits for cancer have recently been extended to at least five different types of cancer. These types include cancer of the bladder, breast, colon, ovary, and prostate. Isothiocyanates (ITCs) made from glucosinolates in kale play a primary role in achieving these risk-lowering benefits.
Kale is now recognized as providing comprehensive support for the body's detoxification system. New research has shown that the ITCs made from kale's glucosinolates can help regulate detox at a genetic level.
Researchers can now identify over 45 different flavonoids in kale. With kaempferol and quercetin heading the list, kale's flavonoids combine both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits in way that gives kale a leading dietary role with respect to avoidance of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

Fennel has been used to treat digestive ailments since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Recent studies support the traditional use of fennel as a digestive aid. It has been shown to relieve intestinal spasms and cramping in the smooth muscle lining of the digestive tract, which helps relieve uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms

Today, fennel is an active ingredient in many combination herbal formulas used to balance hormones in menopausal and premenstrual women. It is also included in some herbal formulas that claim to promote natural breast enhancement.
Fennel has a reputation as an appetite suppressant and promoter of weight-loss. Some studies have shown that fennel does indeed have some diuretic effect, and may help reduce water retention.

celery: is good for digestion and lowers blood pressure

cucumber: containing  96% water its a diuretic and is alkaline

courgette: internal cleanser and aids the kidneys

purple broccoli: cancer fighter, contains beta carotene, fibre and protein

spinach: circulation, constipation and lymph system


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm divine ;-) More beetroot recipes please Chuck if you are taking requests ;-) got a stack of them from the farm to get through ;-)

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