Monday, 13 September 2010

While the Chefs away.. Juice man shall play at Delia

Look whats in the fridge.. and create.. thats the Wallop way!!

Tonight I have some Scottish Smoked Mackerel ( nice and oily, extra omega oils.. boom-boom )
Wild Rocket
Baby Spinach
West Country Blue Stilton
Juicy Pear

And this is what I'm doing.. ooh exciting

3 thinly cut smoked mackerel strips.. naturally very oily so bang in pre heated pan as is for 8 mins or so, then make the dressing.. which consists of a freshly squeezed lime, some diced coriander, a grated celery stick and some balsamic and olive oil.. so whizz all that together.. and :-)
Rinse some Rocket and Spinach, then slice a couple of slices of West Country Blue Stilton, wash the Pear and slice 2-3 thin strips.. nice and juicy and raw.. yum!
Make the bed of Rocket and Spinach
Place the Pear and Blue Stilton on top
Stack the now cooked mackerel and garnish with the dressing..
Go to stereo and select a tune.. lets have something old skool...
And its 'I'm in a Jam' by Derrick and Patsy.
Wallop.. done.. now to dine in the dark ( apologies for the pic)


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  1. Chef says...sweeeeeeeet bro..fookin' lovely..and looking forward to seeing the result of grrated celery dressing..