Wednesday, 29 September 2010


a smoothie that's so smoooove.. you'll wonder why you haven't tried it before...I'm aware that most people wont have all the ingredients to hand.. but please try and get them in if you can, as we all know how boring it is following the same recipes daily...something which we never do @ Wallop!

 whats in it
1 banana
1/2 fresh pomegranate.. seeds only
1tsp maca root
1/2 cup coconut water
1tsp manuka honey

fire all ingredients into blender.. and whizz.. serves two..

and why

 In the traditional medicine of India and the ancient Persia this golden fruit is regarded as nature's secret of perpetual youth. To this day, banana is known for promoting healthy digestion and creating a feeling of youthfulness. They help promote the retention of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen - all of which then work to build sound and regenerated tissues. Banana also contains invert sugar, which is an aid to youthful growth and metabolism.

Pomegranates are a Super fruit.

The term “superfruit” refers to a fruit that's not only nutrient-dense and high in antioxidants, but one that has the ability to affect cell and molecular structure, and the potential to be beneficial to overall health.

Pomegranates are estimated to have three to seven times as much antioxidant value as green tea. Antioxidants are important to the human body because they help reduce the harmful effects of oxidants, or “free radicals,” and can help repair damage already done to cells.

Pomegranates are also high in Vitamin C and fiber, and contain the minerals iron, potassium and calcium. Other nutrients include Vitamin A, Vitamin E and folic acid.

maca root
maca root benefits that have always intrigued people are that it is a nutritious food that gives those who consume it more energy, strength, and endurance. As well as this, many people have used the root as an aphrodisiac down the ages. This benefit has recently been confirmed by scientists who have found that on some level it appears to increase the overall sexual drive of both men and women, and that it can also help to improve semen quality in men. This is not something that occurs because maca directly affects hormone production, but rather it is the unique nutritional content of the maca that causes it to assist the endocrine system in producing extra hormones that are then able to stimulate the sexual drive of people who are using it.

coconut water:
First of all, coconut water will help keep your body cool as it lowers your temperature.  It also helps carry oxygen to the cells in your body. It has been known to promote weight loss and it will help you clean out your digestive tract as well.  Coconut water benefits also include helping with circulation and helping the body break down kidney stones.  So far, it sounds that coconut water is really good for the human body.

manuka honey:
Manuka Honey is a premium grade honey that is derived from the New Zealand honey bees who feed on the blossoms of the Manuka bush. It has a natural antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties that can inhibit the growth and development of bacteria on the skin surface. It rapidly destroys the bacteria which causes the infection and hastens the process.

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  1. Thanks for the juice recipe you recommended Chuck, was delicious ;-)