Monday, 6 September 2010


MATT'S recommended twice daily routine..mornin' and night baby, mornin' and on!

JUMP - 100 bounces on mini trampoline just to loosen up all the muscles in your body..heart rates up..niiiiice!

followed by -

JAB - 10 minutes of light boxing on the punch bag (doesn't sound a lot at first but I guarantee you will feel it after only 2!!) the end give the bag a couple of good WALLOPS just to get rid of that last bit of tension...the feel good factor works a treat at this point!!

followed by -

JUMP - back on the trampoline to warm down..100 bounces..feel the bad boy fat bounce away and off down the road to somebody who wants it!!

finally -

JUICE - your little reward at the end..just follow the recipes - we  are working on understanding our nutrient charts - what is good for you, why it's good for you, what goes with what and when you should have it.. We'll keep you updated..when we know it's right, we'll give you the info you need..


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