Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Sooooo..Matt's takin' time out of the kitchen to spend 3 days on a juice-tox..goes a little something like this..

- morning workout consisting of the Jump, Jap and Juice programme (see earlier post titled Jump, Jab and Juice) only now I add in 60 crunches (sit-ups) as well..

- reward with a juice (designed by the master blender himself, PG) and then a midday Matcha Green Tea..

- late afternoon I have another juice, or wizz up a soup made purely of vegetables and sometimes some fruits too..just as easy as the juicing with only a little cooking time required and it does help combat that little shithead devil-craving you get inside for some of the nastier foods you might still want to have a nosh on..

- next up an early evening Jump, Jab and Juice sess (with the crunches/same as this morning)..you'll be a bit fooked after this so finish the day with a long hot shower, wind down, sit back and relax with another Matcha Green tea and chill the night away..

- one thing I always do is to try and push myself a little more each day..5 more crunches, another couple of minutes on the punch bag, 150 bounces on the trampoline instead of 125..that sort of thing..it gives you a little goal each day and you will feel the benefits..

In true Wallop style this is all a little bit made up but..

'it's working for me, why it can't for thee!!


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