Monday, 27 September 2010


when you juice you need a balance of colours and a balance only comes when you use different fruits and vegetables.. so as this is my lunch. as part of my own 5 day detox, i have opted for the green machine..

whats in inside

1 pear
1 stick celery
chunk cucumber
chunk of courgette
slice of artichoke
1/2 lime ( optional)
2 green cabbage leaves
2 stems of purple sprouting broccoli
2 stems of fresh spinach
2 stems of curly kale
1tsp barley grass powder
serves one

and the benefits

pear : is a low sugar option instead of apple, good for diabetics

celery: is good for digestion and lowers blood pressure

cucumber: containing  96% water its a diuretic and is alkaline

courgette: internal cleanser and aids the kidneys

artichoke:  stabilises blood sugar levels, contains inulin

green cabbage:  good for the stomach

purple broccoli: cancer fighter, contains beta carotene, fibre and protein

spinach: circulation, constipation and lymph system

curly kale: weight loss, skin problems, asthma

barley grass: cancer fighter, lowers cholesterol, blood builder

lime: aids digestion, high in alkaline, cholera killer

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