Tuesday, 8 February 2011


inspiration as always comes from what zone i am in.. and music is never far away..

Mango contains pectin which is a highly soluble dietary fibre as well as bundles of vitamin c,e, niacin, calcium, iron etc.

Blueberries are huge in anti-oxidants containing vitamins a,b-complex,c,e.. and are very good in keeping the urinary tract free

Kale is very helpful in reducing the risk of all known cancers, and its high in vitamin A.

Spinach is a cancer beater,loaded with flavenoids.

Celery lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

Manuka Honey has hundreds of health benefits and should be taken regularly.

1 stick celery
handful curly kale
handful spinach
handful blueberries
handful mango
1tsp manuka honey

juice the kale, celery, spinach
blend the blueberries, mango, manuka honey, ice
combine the two, extra whizz, and serve, wallop!


  1. St p. Why no updates since the 8th? And what is spirulina?

  2. This because i was away...