Saturday, 29 January 2011

5 day detox results

I shed a decent 6 pounds THIS week.. for you Europeans thats 2.7kg.. on a 5 day detox it's about average..

If you juice everyday.. you will not put on an ounce of weight, and whats more, you will be uber healthy

so keep ' walloping'

Mister Wallop!

1 comment:

  1. Well done you ;-) & thanks for the past 5 days chuck, couldn't have come at a more opertune time for me, clarity of the mind is what I needed & this mini detox delivered it ten fold ;-)

    7 .5 lbs down pour moi Mister Wallop! Haven't a clue what that is in kg, will leave that to the Europeans :-) Forementioned loss also probably boosted by the 65 hrs manic walking around insomnia ridden lol. Love yer new Wallop profile pic btw, get you. Cheers ears ;-)x