Monday, 25 October 2010


Matt decided to purchase a Pumpkin.. i think he wondered what it was when he seen all the Mums purchasing them for the forthcoming halloween celebrations, so he was feeling a little left out.. he decided not to cut it up and stick a candle in it but create something wonderful from it..

1 small pumpkin
4 pears
2 potatoes

heat oven to 200 degrees
cut pears into quarters and roast in a little butter, sea salt & black pepper
take the pumpkin , cut the skin off and cut into wedges
roast in a seperate dish along with a little olive oil, agave syrup, nutmeg, salt and black pepper and roast for around 45 minutes.
on the hob boil up water and add the potatoes, 1500ml of vegetable stock and leftover pumpkin to thicken
add the roasted pumpkin and pear to the stock and then put through the blender until smooth.
rest for 15 minutes before serving. enjoy.. crash-bang-wallop
serves 4

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